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Our story

In 2014 Inasolve was founded by Nico Theart as a small business located in South Africa. At the time, he was a young executive and the co-founder of Sizanani Logistics. With his guidance, Sizanani Logistics soon became the largest logistics trading zone and management system in the Southern Hemisphere.


Since then, Inasolve has relocated to Australia, to broaden its horizons. In the past 6 years, the company and team have grown significantly. And we couldn't be any prouder. We built a powerful team of enthusiastic, technical experts in their respective fields, to produce the comprehensive products and services of Inasolve, as it exists today. Inasolve’s employees work in a spirit of close-partnership with clients, to deliver the maximum impact for their investment; which leads to organisational self-sufficiency in a sustainable culture of ongoing system improvement.

We specialise in assisting companies to interface with customers and suppliers, helping them to reduce the cost of doing business and to increase profitability.


Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients to streamline their processes and help them run their businesses as efficiently as possible.


Our vision

Our vision is to provide a solid foundation to support our clients, and to become one of the most successful Solution Specialists in Australia and internationally.

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Meet the team


Nico Theart,
Managing Director

Nico has 21 years' hands on experience in the Information and Communication Technology industry using Microsoft Development and other Technologies.


His main focus has been Business Process Management and Automation and acquired many skills which allows him to build simplified solutions to complex problems in a reduced development cycle.

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Landi Theart,
Customer Experience

Landi has over 10 years' experience in Change Management, Development and Team Leadership, working directly with End Users through to Stakeholders, initialising, integrating and utilising their Management Systems.

Landi has excellent facilitation and communication skills to unite the development environment with the Customer’s requirements.

Mike Inasolve Profile.png

Mike Scally,
Principle Consultant

Mike is passionate about finding the best solution to meet our Customer’s needs.


Mike has a wide range of skills and with over 15 years’ experience in developing solutions across a variety of different environments and development frameworks, he is highly skilled at designing efficient solutions.

Corne Inasolve Profile.jpg

Corne Cronje,
Digital Marketing

Corne is a seasoned Graphic Design specialist with 20+ years of experience in the complete design process, from conceptualisation to delivery.


Problem solver with creative ideas, out of the box thinking, while keeping standards high.

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