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Decrease your payroll costs with Interact!

It’s a cliché but we live in a fast-paced world, time is money and every second counts.

Recently we were approached by a large agricultural supplier for assistance. They had a major annual challenge to take on 550 new employees onto their payroll system and make them part of the weekly payroll cycle. This sudden move almost crippled their business because of the lack of resources and static business procedures in place. The stakeholders got us involved to build them a Human Resources platform, it was clear that we had a pretty daunting task ahead, but at Inasolve we thrive on challenges 😊.

The Solution was to build Interact Time & Attendance!

First, we needed to build a HR system to manage and maintain their workforce. We sourced, supplied and fitted biometric scanners to manage and record staff attendance. We then integrated the scanner data with the customers’ accounting software for processing payroll payments. Next, we produced a suite of reports and dashboards that can be used by management to monitor their HR costs.

By utilising technology like #Azure, #MSSQL, #K2, #C# and #SSRS we managed to get a sound solution in place not only solving the problem but also giving the company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The solution we created includes;

· a web portal to allow new employees to register online

· an approval workflow process to accommodate the hiring of new personnel.

· an extensible biometric system to register and track attendance

· biometrics which is fully integrated with payroll to enable accurate payment of hours worked

· a payroll system that tracks attendance, visa details, leave entitlements / requests, pay queries and work hour monitoring / reporting

· payroll can accommodate the capture and signoff of employee or contractor timesheets in bulk

· a Communication platform to correspond with employees via text message or email.

· Critical reports and dashboards in place to give the stakeholders visibility and control.

Project Findings

· Before this exercise the company utilised two people for 3 days (48 hours) to do a weekly pay run for 30 full-time employees. Time spent to do the weekly pay run is now significantly reduced and performed by a single person with a few mouse clicks. This is despite incorporating the casual workforce of 550 staff into the payroll!

· The company was able to redeploy staff from payroll to other parts of the business improving efficiency.

· Pay queries used to be common and high volume. Now with the biometric solution registering attendance, pay queries are rare and almost unheard of.

· Using the accurate attendance data available, the company was able to find further efficiencies in their business and changed their operational staffing to get greater output with less staff by optimising the staffing in different work areas.

· A parallel implantation was conducted using 60 staff who clocked their hours using both systems. During the test it was found that the biometric solution paid for itself very quickly:

· using the manual paper system due to several factors around accuracy of recording, the 60 staff were getting paid for up to 45 minutes extra per day. At a minimum wage of $22.61 per hour that equates to $1017 per day which over a period of 52 five day working weeks adds up to a staggering saving of $264, 537. If we assume this figure as a consistent level of inaccuracy for the entire 550 employees, then this equates to $2,424,922.50 per annum in unentitled additional hours paid to staff unintentionally.

· Using the biometric solution, the staff need to be present in order to sign in or out, so they are no longer paid for hours not worked!

Mission Accomplished!

If you want to hear more about our HR solution or have another project that you need assistance with, please contact us at Inasolve, we love a challenge! #k2 #Integration #payroll #inasolve #efficiency #paryollsystem

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