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Making Cities Smarter

The rapid growth of smarter, integrated online systems in the retail sector has created an expectation with consumers to have a similar experience in all of their online interactions. This is being felt in the local government sector where rate payers are increasingly seeking to interact and transact with their local Council online, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Unfortunately for most local Councils, due to the vast variety of services provided, they tend to have disconnected software systems provided by vendors that have little incentive to integrate with their competitors. This makes it very difficult to create the seamless experience that the customer is seeking. This is where Inasolve Integration Services can help. We use our knowledge and exceptional skill to analyse and develop protocols, allowing current systems to interact with each other streamlining data flow and providing a single point of contact for customers and staff. Inasolve can rapidly develop solutions because we have our Interact Core, this is a foundation of common functionality that we deploy and utilise to speed up the development process. A good example is the Asset Auditor that we created for a rapidly growing Council in South East Victoria. Council needed a mobile platform to use in the field for assessing it's sporting grounds and this data needed to be collected in real-time in their Asset Management System. Inasolve created an end to end audit scheduling and reporting module that is fully integrated with Council's Asset Management System in a fraction of the time taken with traditional development methods! Inasolve's experienced consulting staff are happy to talk to you to see how we can help you to integrate and streamline your business processes. #SmartCities #WorkSmarter #Integration #Inasolve #K2 #LocalGovernment

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