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University of Canberra 

In 2020 our team worked on a project for the University of Canberra that combined our System Integration solutions with our Business Intelligence services. 

The desired outcome for this project was to have the ability to remotely monitor the usage of their IT systems during COVID-19. The project’s focus was to provide logins through VPNS and the usage of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to assist their staff and students to comfortably work from home. 

In this project we provided the following services: 

  1. Analysed, designed and built a custom database for the university 

  2. Built integration service packages to pull data from numerous systems onto numerous servers  

  3. Built Power BI dashboards to display the data for users to review and analyse. 

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Vizarri Farms 

In _____ our team assisted Vizarri Farms (in Koo Wee Rup, Victoria) with a Human Resources Automation Solution. 

The desired outcome for this project was for them to be able to: 

  1. Identify who was working for them, 

  2. Track the location/whereabouts of where each employee was working on the farm(s), 

  3. Record each employee’s working hours 

  4. Ensure that only people with valid work Visas had access to the farm(s), 

  5. And for the company managers to be able to manage and oversee the entire operation. 

In this project we incorporated the following features: 

  1. Analysed, designed and built a custom database for the company where people are recorded into their system with all relevant information (K2, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, MS SQL Reporting Servers) 

  2. Incorporated a platform where working Visas were automatically linked to the government’s website for legal verification (Power BI) 

  3. Installed & programmed biometric scanners to record all employees’ fingerprints into their database (alongside their personal information) 

  4. Integrated their systems & database to correctly provide weekly payroll updates to ensure correct allocation of employee salaries, as well as, analyse employee productivity. 

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City of Casey

In 2018 Inasolve was approached by the City of Casey with a requirement for a centralised, custom Sports ground Auditor solution/app. 

The desired outcome for this project was for them to be able to: 

  1. Schedule and track audits across approximately 130 sports fields 

  2. A centralised solution within the municipality 

  3. For Park Services to be able to oversee audits conducted by 3rd party contractors & internal staff. 

In this project we incorporated the following features:


  1. Incorporated the City of Casey’s existing K2 environment with a MS SQL Server repository 

  2. Used K2 Blackpearl to provide mobile devices like iOS and android compatibility & access to the City of Casey’s IT infrastructure 

  3.  The K2 Mobile Application only allowed active users within the directory account to be able to use the application form 

  4. The Audit Process could be started manually or as a scheduled service 

  5. The Contractor would receive a notification on their action list and could open the form to start the auditing process, complete the checklist & signoff process & keep the Park Coordinator informed 

  6. The Park Coordinator could analyse & accept/reject the Contractor’s audit & create an action list to proceed in finalising their tasks.  

  7. The Team Lead or Park Coordinator can access the list of all conducted audits to view and track the status of audits. 

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